Tiptop Z3000 Smart VC-Oscillator (Used)

Nightlife Electronics

Regular price CAD$210.00

Tiptop Z3000 Smart VC-Oscillator, with four wave outputs — sine, triangle, saw, and square — as well as a fifth wave-shaped output controllable via CV. The front panel offers an impressive amount of voltage control, with three FM inputs, a pulse width input, and both sync and hard sync. As a final unique feature, the Z3000 has visual display of note value in hertz and musical notation, and detects when oscillators are being used in LFO range. This display can be used either with the module's own oscillator, or with other oscillators in your rack via the "EXT IN" jack.

Consignment eurorack modules may have light cosmetic damage, but are tested in our shop to ensure that they are in perfect working condition.



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