Mutable Instruments Tides V2

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Product image 1Mutable Instruments Tides V2 Eurorack Modular
Product image 2Mutable Instruments Tides V2 Eurorack Modular

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Tides is all about waves that go up and down, from minute-long cycles to audio rates… This module is Mutable Instruments’ unique take on the looping AD envelope generator – pushing this well-known trope to unknown territories.

The core of the module is a digital asymmetric triangle function generator, which can be used in AD and AR modes (for envelope generation), or looping (as a VC-LFO or VC-DO).

The triangle generator is followed by a wavetable waveshaper providing linear, exponential, logarithmic, sinusoidal, or arc-sinusoidal shapes for the A and D segments. Then, a second processor applies either a 2-pole low-pass filter to the waveform, smoothing its sharp edges; or a rubbery wavefolder, adding kinks and bounces to the waveform.

  • Width: 14HP
  • Depth: 25mm
  • Power: 50mA @+12V / 20mA @-12V

    • Update to Mutable's original Tides featuring multiple output modes
    • AD, AR, and Looping envelope behaviour
    • Three frequency ranges: 2 minutes–2Hz, 0.125Hz–32Hz, 8Hz–2kHz
    • Wave slope/asymmetry control with CV
    • Shape control with CV (wavetable-based shaping)
    • Smoothness control with CV (2-pole filter-based smoothing, wavefolder-based kinking)
    • Syncable via external clock, audio, or any fluctuating signal
    • 4 distinct output modes: different waveshapes, different amplitudes, different times, different frequencies
    • Different Waveshapes mode produces main signal, asymmetric triangle, EOA gate, EOR gate
    • Different Amplitudes mode produces controllable dispatching of main signal to each output
    • Different Times mode produces voltage-controlled phase and apex shifting
    • Different Frequencies allows creation of chords, polyrhythmic LFOs, envelopes, etc.
    • 16-bit CV inputs, 14-bit outputs
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