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ACRONYM (Analogue CoROscillator: New tYpe Morphing) is a stable and musical 12hp triangle core VCO with through-zero phase modulation, two beefy sub-oscillators, a wavefolder, supremely playable ergonomic design, and a unique voltage controlled wavemorphing output, giving musicians the power to create never before heard timbres with ease.

The unique voltage-controlled wave morphing circuit lets you smoothly morph between Triangle, Square, Saw, and Folded Sine waves, much like an analogue implementation of wavetable synthesis.

Self-patching with the five waveform outputs allows the creation of unique harmonically rich combinations of the four waveforms, as well as a blend of the two sub-oscillators controlled with the Sub Level knob. The sub-oscillators are CMOS flip-flops similar to those in the SH-101, but waveshaped to give a unique "falling square" shape which is more useful for modulation and gives a rich, chewy sound to the sub-octaves. Like all WORNG Electronics modules, ACRONYM packs large amounts of functionality into a relatively compact module, but doesn't take any shortcuts when it comes to user interface and layout. No cramped controls or wobbly trimpots here! ACRONYM is designed to be tweaked by human hands.
  • Width: 12 HP 
  • Depth: 44mm
  • Power: 95mA @+12v  / 72mA @-12v
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