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VCOs are probably the most popular modules in the Eurorack world.

At its most common form, an oscillator module creates different basic waveforms by shaping its core, which gives us several timbres sharing the same frequency.

On Sena, we decided to reorganize those principles. We have the basic waveforms as on any VCO, but each has an independent core and frequency control. In addition, the tuning inputs of each channel are daisy-chained, allowing to create easy transpositions or detuning between them.

To maximize stability and tracking accuracy, every channel is designed around the famous 3340 oscillator core, present in many legendary synths like the Roland SH-101 and Jupiter-6, Oberheim OB-Xa, and the Sequential Prophet-5. 

On top of that, the module counts with four dedicated CV-controlled Modifiers to extend the timbral range of each core: a two-stage Folder for the Sine, a Trapezoid shaper for the Triangle, a Phase modulator for the Saw, and a half-range Pulse-width modulator for the Square. 

The addition of a complete analog Noise Bank makes Sena a super powerful and compact sound source. A cornerstone for any Eurorack setup.

  • Width: 14HP
  • Depth: 30mm
  • Power: 130maA @+12v  /  130mA @-12v
  • Manual
  • Fully analog VCO circuits: Sine, Triangle, Saw and Square
  • 1V/Oct pitch tracking over eight octaves
  • Dedicated CV controlled Wave Modifier on each oscillator
  • Daisy-chained Freq inputs with onboard buffers
  • Selectable LFO mode per channel
  • Analog noise bank with White, Pink, Blue and Brown circuits
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