Vintage Korg PolySix - KiwiSix


Product image 1Vintage Korg PolySix - KiwiSix
Product image 2Vintage Korg PolySix - KiwiSix
Product image 3Vintage Korg PolySix - KiwiSix
Product image 4Vintage Korg PolySix - KiwiSix
Product image 5Vintage Korg PolySix - KiwiSix

Regular price CAD$2,450.00

The Korg Polysix is definitely in the list of all time classic analog polysynths! It has the unique ability to go from raw and aggressive to smooth and buttery with just a few knob turns. The arpeggiator and chord memory functions are the basis of countless classic techno and house tracks from past to present and surely the future too!

This particular Polysix is in excellent cosmetic condition, showing very few sign of wear. It has been fully serviced and calibrated and sounds amazing. It also has the Kiwisix programmer board installed which gives the added functionality of midi in/out, expanded memory, on board sequencer and more. It also removes the risk of the failures associated with the original programmer board and the leaking NiCad battery that has ruined so many of these great synths. 

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