UDO Super 6 - Black


Product image 1UDO Super 6 Hybrid Polysynth - Black
Product image 2UDO Super6 Hybrid Polysynth - Black
Product image 3UDO Super6 Hybrid Polysynth - Black
Product image 4UDO Super 6 Hybrid Polysynth - Black

Regular price CAD$3,699.00

From the brand new Bristol based company, UDO, comes the Super 6: a 12-voiced binaural analog and digital synthesizer. Focused on designing a dynamic and flexible synth, the Super 6 is built on FPGA digital oscillation and voltage controlled analog circuitry. All parameter controls are laid out in-front of you and are easily accessible; without a screen, there is no need to menu dive or fuss with learning each function this synth has to offer – very reminiscent of vintage polyphonic synths. With the idea of creating a stereo synthesizer, the Super 6 has the ability to be panned and shifted spatially, which can build a beautifully large and lush sound before the use of any additional stereo effects like reverb or delay.

  • 12-voice polyphonic analog-hybrid synthesizer
  • Fatar keyboard with velocity and aftertouch, expression and sustain
  • Binaural analog signal path for stereo movement and spatial effects
  • 7-core super-wavetable main oscillator with waveform download
  • DDS oscillator 2 with FM, sync, sub oscillator and X-Fade modes
  • Flexible hybrid FPGA & analog voice architecture
  • Robustly built with solid, playable controls
  • Multi-purpose flexible LFOs, envelopes & modulation matrix
  • Arpeggiator & step sequencer
  • External audio Input with audio trigger
  • Dual stereo 24-bit digital effects

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