Teenage Engineering OP-1 Accessory Kit

Teenage Engineering

Product image 1Teenage Engineering OP-1 Accessory Kit
Product image 2Teenage Engineering OP-1 Accessory Kit
Product image 3Teenage Engineering OP-1 Bender
Product image 4Teenage Engineering OP-1 Crank
Product image 5Teenage Engineering OP-1 Brick Shaft
Product image 6Teenage Engineering OP-1 FM Antenna

Regular price CAD$99.00

The OP-1 accessory kit is an expansion for your OP-1, which comes with an FM antenna, a bender arm, a crank with four knob caps, and four brick shaft knobs.

  • -The 3.5mm plug-in FM Antenna allows for a better reception in remote areas.
  • -The bender arm mounts on the orange knob, this comes with a rubber band which wraps around the blue knob and acts a spring-like bending arm; within the LFO browser of the most recent updates of the OP-1 – by selecting bender – you can assign this knob to any parameter you wish.
  • -In the hand-crank recording mode (shift + record) the crankshaft allows for a realtime manually controlled recording, forward or reverse; the hand-crank can also be assigned to whatever parameter fits best.
  • -When you're feeling most creative, you can use the brick shafts; these LEGO compatible caps allow you to attach one of a variety of LEGO components, from car wheels to motorized gear systems.
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