Steady State Fate Vortices


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Vortices is an audio character mixer designed to emulate and accentuate the saturation-compression effects and frequency response of vintage analog consoles and tape machines. Featuring a total of 14 inputs and 7 outputs in a relatively compact 16hp form factor (18hp with VCA CV expander).

Vortices was designed to offer a compact mixing environment with the characteristic sound coloration of vintage analog gear. The frequency response of vintage mixing consoles tends to de-emphasize higher frequencies and produce a rounder tone. I find this to be really nice for reducing harshness from FM’d and digital source material - the response makes them sound smoother and less fatiguing on the ear and imposes an inherent glue and polished sound upon a mix. This type of response also lends itself to feedback patching where higher frequency roll off is desired.

The saturation/compression/limiting aspect is inspired in the vein of post processing a signal from a vintage console into an analog tape machine. Intending to add slight warmth to more extreme saturation-compression. This has a big effect on tonality and tends to push the low-mid range while a built in built in hard limiting function adds hi-mid crunch in the extremes.

Vortices accommodates mono and stereo sources, broken respectively into two mix bus sections, providing separate mix outputs as well as a Master Mix split stereo output and a Master stereo jack output on the back of the module.

The separated outputs and auxiliary inputs are provided to accommodate effect chains, feedback patching and end of chain mixing solutions as well as general sound processing, panning and cross fading applications.

  • Width:  16HP or 18HP w/ Expander
  • Manual
  • 6 channel Mono Mixer including 4 attenuated inputs with tape saturation and level control, hard limiting and high frequency tone shaping.
    • VC Panning on Channels 1 & 4
    • VC Cross-Fading on Channel 2 & 3
    • 2 Auxiliary Mono inputs
    • Stereo Output
    • Direct Cross-Fader Output
  • 8 channel Stereo Mixer (4 stereo pairs) including 3 attenuated inputs with lighter coloration, hard limiting and a brighter frequency response.
    • L>R Normalized to accommodate mono signals
    • 1 Auxiliary Stereo input
    • Stereo Output
  • Master Mix Output
  • Stereo Jack Master Mix Output on the back of the PCB
  • V-CV Expander included. Adds level/saturation control for all attenuated mixer channels.

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