Steady State Fate Detect-RX


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DETECT-R is the main input and provides an envelope output, rectified output and gate output simultaneously. If a second signal is also patched into the EXTRACT-R, it can be used separately.

The top two controls and switch alter the response of the resultant envelope. Any signal level from LINE (-10dBv) up to modular (+/-5 to +/-10V) may be used.

The FREQ switch selects the spectra in which the envelope will respond to dynamic changes from the input signal. 

SMOOTH adds an additional ripple smoothing level control and tracks the FREQ setting

ENV GAIN controls the level of the envelope and is capable of attenuation as well as a lot of gain for low level input signals and even guitars (some pre-gain may be required for certain guitar pickups)

THRU provides a buffered copy of the input signal for easy patching of classic envelope follower applications and more

An LED is provided for visual feedback of the envelope and peak level (clipping) indication.

  • Width: 6HP 
  • Depth: 27mm
  • Power: 47mA @+12v  / 44mA @-12v 

Some uses for the DETECT-R:

  • Create envelopes that follow the input amplitude and frequency spectra
  • Slew audio or control voltages
  • Create a side chain envelopes for amplitude dynamics

EXTRACT-R is a voltage controlled comparator with three threshold selections; LINE level, 5V and 10V peak for various levels of control and response. The output gate is normalized into the DETECT-R input by default - providing a second method of producing an envelope from a gate rather than dynamic content.

RANGE selects the maximum threshold level of the attenuator.

THR CV is the input for dynamic voltage control of threshold.

THRESHOLD works as the manual adjustment and as a CV attenuator when CV is utilized.

An RGB LED is provided for visual feedback of the threshold range and gate activity.

Some uses for the EXTRACT-R:

  • Convert any signal into a gate or trigger
  • Create a delayed gate or trigger from a sloped waveform 
  • Create variable pulse waveforms -PWM
  • Convert audio into a series of pulses for insane distortion
  • Convert audio into pulses to modulate other parameters

RECTIFIER (RECT) inverts negative voltages while leaving any positive signal unchanged.

Some uses for the RECTIFIER:

  • Convert bipolar signals into uni-polar positive signals
  • Intense second harmonic distortion of audio
  • Frequency doubling of bipolar signals in general

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