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Genuine centerpiece of a setup, it offers every tool needed to compose songs in the studio and perform them on stage. From vintage to modern synths, from modular systems to your favorite DAW, Hapax can sequence and synchronize all your gear, while bringing you carefully crafted tools, designed for maximizing creativity. Up to a million notes and events. 16 tracks per project, 8 patterns per track. Thanks to its dual-processor architecture, Hapax can record and transform tremendous amounts of data in no time, without a hitch.

Hapax is the first hardware sequencer that fully supports MIDI Polyphonic Expression. Record the finest gestures, slides and articulations of your playing, without compromising quality. Hapax can handle two separate and independent projects, that can be played simultaneously. This lets you compose or load an entire project while the first one is already playing, enabling endless sets and seamless transitions. Writing a melody: use a polyphonic or MPE track and take advantage of the advanced step sequencer to quickly lay down notes or edit your live recording. Composing a beat: control up to 8 different instruments with a single track. The drum sequencer is tailored for very easy rhythm writing and jamming.

Hapax embeds multiple real-time, polyphonic, non-destructive midi effects, as well as project-wide assignable LFOs. Each parameter of these effects can be automated in the dedicated mode, and processed in the mod matrix, which provides even more ways of routing and modulating.

Powerful tools for offline note transformation and generation, right at your fingertips. Hit the red button, and record from the encoders and 128 pads of Hapax, external midi instruments (included MPE controllers) or any incoming analog signal, at a high resolution of 192 ppqn. Looper style recording, count-down and metronome options, punch-in mode, you'll certainly find the options that best suit your workflow. Each track has an elasticity value which changes its playback speed, expressed in percentage of BPM. Quickly double or halve the speed of a track, or create slightly shifted tracks that will slowly drift out of phase with each other.

Squarp Instruments designed Hapax from the ground up, deconstructing everything we knew about sequencing. We aimed for a high-end product, with dual arm processors for computation power and a rugged yet minimalist housing. As music-making should remain an enjoyable process, we favored dedicated buttons over key combinations and imagined a clear-cut interface as well as a simple architecture. We have striven to minimize the importance of screens for live performing, but the dual grayscale display helps keeping track of things in a studio context.

  • Dimensions: 14.1" x 8.1" x 2.3"
  • Weight: 1.855 kg
  • Power supply :15V, 1.2A, 18W (included)
  • Manual
  • Full connectivity: midi  in/out,  midi usb  in/out,  cv gate  in/out,  din sync  out, footswitch
  • Record a performance at any time with the built-in keyboard, the smartpads (generates chords, scales or repeats), the touchpad, the 5 encoders or an external controller
  • Create and arrange complex rhythms and melodies with the full realtime step sequencer, or edit your live recording
  • Create CC or FX automation with the touchpad or with the 16 pads
  • 5 clickable encoders and a wide touchpad
  • Can save everything on the SD card, and even import and export standard midi files between Pyramid and your software sequencer
  • To use Pyramid as a versatile controller for your favorite virtual instruments, just plug in the USB cable

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