Ritual Electronics Repression [PRE-ORDER]

Ritual Electronics

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Répression is a feature packed CV controllable comparator. 

Répression compares two signals. One at the Input. The other defined by the threshold pot and the CV Thrsh which is added to the pot. It outputs 4 signals based on the result of the operation.

  • Above is high if the Input is above the threshold.
  • Below is high if the Input is below the threshold.
  • Equal outputs a trigger when the input and threshold values are the same.
  • Bipolar is a +/-5V version of the Above output. Very useful when using the comparator for audio duties. I.e. PWM generator, complex oscillator…

The Threshold knob has a +/- 8.1V range.

  • Width: 12HP
  • Depth: 35mm
  • Power: 53mA @+12v / 26mA @-12v
  • Manual
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