Noise Engineering Virt Iter Legio - Silver [PRE-ORDER]

Noise Engineering

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This item is a pre-order and is not in stock. Pre-order availability and ETA is based on details provided by the manufacturer and are subject to change without notice.

By popular demand! First announced in 2020, Virt Iter Legio is a three-algorithm stereo oscillator with stereo phase modulation inputs and a vintage-inspired chorus. Love the NE oscillators on the Arturia MicroFreak or the Virt Vereor plugin? Just need it in Eurorack? Virt Iter Legio is the module for you.
Its simple interface and unique, immersive sound make it a staple for any style of sound design. Use the hard sync input to add an aggressive edge to sounds when synced to another oscillator, or try patching VIL’s left and right phase-modulation inputs independently for even further sonic exploration in the stereo field. Turn on the beautiful, wide chorus and you’ll have an endless supply of sounds like you’ve never heard. 

  • Width: 6HP
  • Depth: 23mm
  • Power: 140mA @+12v / 22mA @-12A
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