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Product image 1NANO Modules ALT Quad VCA / Cascading Mixer Module Canada
Product image 2NANO Modules ALT Quad VCA / Cascading Mixer Module Canada

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A quad VCA module in an 8hp Eurorack format. Three channels features both manual gain (level, bias or offset) as well as CV inputs with CV attenuversion (attenuation and inversion) which gives lots of control and opens up the module to sidechain and ducking like FX as well as easily making auto pan FX too. The fourth channel is a more basic VCA with input, CV input and output. This is normalised open until you plug in a signal which is useful for the onboard mixing.

ALT is also a mixer, either for basic mixing of audio or CV, for CV mixing, for cascaded mixing (2x 2 input mixers, 1x 3 input mixer + a VCA …). Going from basic amplitude control to full on AM synthesis and patching up other FX and dynamic modulations of modulation. 

  • Width: 8HP
  • Depth: 20mm
  • Power: 58mA @+12V / 31mA @-12V 
  • Manual

  • 4 VCAs designed to keep your signals clean and colourless, that fit in only 8HP.
  • VCAs 1, 2, 3. Each one is equipped with a GAIN control, and a CV IN Attenuverter.
  • VCA 4. Equipped with a GAIN CV IN, the CV is normalled to +5V (fully open VCA).
  • The outputs of these channels are cascaded from left to right, allowing ALT to behave as a four-channel mixer.

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