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Product image 1Lorre Mill Float Glass
Product image 2Lorre Mill Float Glass

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Float Glass is an 8 stage voltage-controlled phaser processor with a complex modulation source. It has the potential to be used as a phaser for signals coming into the input connections as well as a generative noise instrument.

The modulation source normally makes a stepped sine waveform which can be smoothed out with the slew control. A smooth sine wave is a classic modulation shape for a phaser. Float Glass also has a noise source and clipped noise source labeled sand. These signals can be used as inputs for the phaser to make this device a self contained sound source.

Note: in order to use the noise or sand signals, banana patch cables are needed to make connections. When using the banana patch points it is possible to patch feedback. Be
careful of your ears and your speakers.

  • Power: 12v DC 5.5mm x 2.1mm (included)
  • Manual
  • Input - controls the volume of the 1/4”, 1/8“, and banana inputs. Gain switch sets the gain of the 1/4” input to either x2 or x12.
  • Rate - controls the rate of the modulation oscillator. The reset button clears the memory of the modulation oscillator, resetting the wave. The rate knob acts as an offset to the rate cv input.
  • Slew - sets the smoothness of the modulation oscillator. From stepped signal (knob fully cw) to very slow and smooth (knob fully ccw).
  • Sand - this knob controls the offset of the sand signal. This control has no effect unless there is a patch connection using the sand output.
  • Phase - this is the offset of the phaser filter cutoff point.
  • Resonance - sets feedback on the phaser to make the effect more or less dramatic.
  • Phase cv - this is the amount of the modulation oscillator (or signal at phase cv input) which affects the phase.
  • Dry/Wet - is the blend of filtered and dry signal. A phaser is most noticeable when mixed with the original dry signal to create interference between the two waves.
  • Audio Inputs: 
    • 1/4" TS instrument input, gain of 2x or 12x
    • 1/8" TRS line input summed to mono
  • Audio Putputs: 
    • 1/4" TS line or instrument output (selected with push-pin switch)
    • 1/8" TRS line output dual mono
  • Banana Patch Points: 
    • Banana CV inputs max voltage +/- 8v.
    • Banana Signal Inputs and Outputs are AC Coupled.
  • 12v DC power supply included

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