Look Mum No Computer #1222 Performance VCO [PRE-ORDER]

Look Mum No Computer

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The 1222 Performance VCO is Look Mum No Computer's first Oscillator PCB Design.

Born from frustration of playing shows, or not having a tuner to hand and getting in tune enough to get going, instead of sitting around being out of tune.

Its also got an octave knob. a fine tune knob that is exactly an octave with a centre point of C making it easy to find the note you need.

Big simple controls, pulse width, PWM, fine tune, Extra CV, Sync, FM, Square, Ramp and Triangle outputs.

It also has a rear connection called LINK, which will be for future use, as i will be making an oscillator drive a nice means of driving lots of oscillators at once, as well as a mixer module so no need to patch all of the oscillators together they will be connected from the back. A final design is like a cross mod module that will turn them into a sort of fart box thing. This is all future ideas, but if you cant wait check the schematic it will make sense!

  • Width: 12HP
    • Octave Switch adds 0-4 volts—or 5 octaves—to the 1v/oct signal.
    • Fine Tune has a one octave range.
    • Tuner shows the nearest note and LEDs indicate wether it’s flat (left), sharp (right) or bang on (middle).
    • Pulse Width can be adjusted from 0-50%.
    • 1v/oct input.
    • Additional Frequency CV input and attenuator.
    • Pulse Width Modulation CV input and attenuator.
    • Frequency Sync input. Works best with simple waveforms.
    • Frequency Modulation CV input.
    • Simultaneous Pulse, Ramp and Triangle outputs. Note that the outputs are unipolar audio signals with levels that vary from +4v to +8V.
    • Calibration Trimmers. See next column.

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