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KORG’s legendary WAVESTATION introduced the world to Wave Sequencing, transforming raw samples into sounds that no-one had ever heard before. The flagship OASYS and KRONOS keyboards developed Wave Sequencing even further, expanding on its unique palette of lush, evolving pads and driving rhythms.

In 2020, the acclaimed wavestate brought Wave Sequencing to the next level. Featuring the radically re-imagined Wave Sequencing 2.0, the wavestate delivers astonishing, ever-changing sounds with extensive hands-on control. Far from a nostalgic reissue, the wavestate was designed from the ground up for a new generation of musicians, producers, and composers, taking cues from sources as diverse as modular synths, groove boxes, and algorithmic composition.

The wavestate also introduced another ground-breaking concept: wavestate native software (*sold separately, wavestate users can purchase at a discount) makes it available inside your DAW, with full compatibility and without compromise. It’s perfect for moving seamlessly between software and hardware workflows.

Now, KORG is proud to present the new wavestate mkII, with improved polyphony (96 stereo voices) and a fresh look.It’s completely compatible with sounds and samples for both the original wavestate, wavestate SE and wavestate native software, including many excellent third-party libraries. Updated sounds and software keep it fresh (and these are available for the original wavestate, too). The compact form-factor, with 37 full-size keys, still transports easily and fits neatly into any stage, studio, or desktop


• Wave Sequencing 2.0
• Extensive modulation with hands-on control
• Gigabytes of samples - and import up to 4GB of your own
• Modeled filters, including MS-20 and Polysix
• 96 stereo voices
• 4 Layers with Vector control
• 14 simultaneous effects
• Set Lists and Smooth Sound Transitions
• Randomization
• Free Editor/Librarian and Sample Builder software for Mac and Windows
• Compact. Great design. 37 full-size keys.
• Designed by KORG in California


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