Intellijel Triplatt [PRE-ORDER]


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The Triplatt is a 3-channel attenuator/inverter and multiplication mixer. Each of the 3 inputs are normalized to +5V DC and without input, the knobs will adjust the voltage range between 0 to +5 or -5 to +5, depending on the position of the channel's polarity switch. Each channel has its own dedicated 'special function' switches, which are specified multiplication functions; channel A will multiply the signal by 2; channel B will add 5V to the input signal; and channel C has a mute switch. This module is an essential utility for wrangling your CV or audio and tweaking parameters exactly how you desire.

  • Width: 6hp
  • Depth: 21mm
  • Power: 49mA@ +12V / 25mA @ -12V
  • Manual


  • x3 Attenuator, Inverter, Attenuverter, Multiplier, Adder, Mixer, DC Voltage Source
  • Positive and bipolar modes for each channel
  • 3 possible multiplication functions (1 for each channel)
  • Precision 5v source normalling to all three inputs
  • Dual colour led for level monitoring

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