Instruo Harmonaig


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The harmonàig is a four voice voltage quantiser designed with intuitive harmonic capabilities. It brings the possibility of composing and performing chord progressions, and harmonising in a polyphonic manner, to what is traditionally a monophonic instrument.

Quickly sweep through modalities and chord voicings on-the-fly, and explore a vast array of harmonic tones and colours. Explore practical music theory in a familiar context and build your relationship with tonalities that suit your own personal style.

The modal music system is used by the harmonàig to allow immediate exploration of musical tonalities whilst keeping everything diatonically relevant. Inbuilt modal harmonisations give extensive foundations for a wide spectrum of tonalities, with additional capabilities for user defined chord voicings and note clusters, the creative options are endless.

In practice, users can experiment with chordal composition as quickly as they would a monophonic bass or lead line. All that’s needed are a few more oscillators!

  • Width: 18HP
  • Depth: 27mm
  • Power: 100mA@ +12V / 10mA @ -12V
  • +/–10V (20 octave) CV input range with attenuverter
  • +/–10V (20 octave) CV output range for all 4 chord tones
  • Analogue Slew (not capitalised) limiter per CV output
  • Gate/Trigger output for Performance and Quantizer modes respectively
  • Large horizontal button keyboard for ease of control and performance
  • Automatic, manual or CV selectable chord qualities
  • -∆7 (minor major 7)
  • O (diminished 7)
  • Ø (minor 75)
  • -7 (minor 7)
  • 7 (dominant 7)
  • ∆7 (major 7)
  • +∆7 (augmented major 7)
  • +7 (augmented 7)
  • Four user definable chord voicings (1, 2, 3, 4)
  • Independant CV controllable chord inversion and voicings
  • Pre-quantization transposition and global offset transposition

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