Flame PanMix


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The FLAME "PANMIX" module includes two independent panning mixers with one input on two left / right outputs and is designed for audio or CV sources in the voltage range of +/-5v (modular level). In addition, the 2 inputs can be separately switched to + 6db audio via the rear slide switch (for external audio line level sources).

The movements of the two mix controls can be recorded. The recording time per channel is over one minute. The playback speed is adjustable in the playback. The recorded track is played by pressing the Play button once (one shot) or by a longer press in the loop.

Both panning channels have a separate reset input and a separate CV input (+/-5V) for controlling the mix (e.g. by an LFO). The track data remains permanently stored (battery-backed memory).

In addition, there are three additional audio / CV signal inputs (one mono and stereo left + right), which are routed directly to the output and mixed together with the two PAN channels. So you can directly mix other sources and e.g. connect two or more "PANMIX" modules together.

  • Width: 6HP
  • Depth: 38mm
  • Power: 40mA @+12V / 30mA @-12V 
  • Manual
  • 2 PAN channels with mix
  • recording time per channel max. 102 sec
  • 2 audio inputs, switchable to line level on the backside
  • mix is cvable
  • each channel has a reset input
  • resolution 12bit, sampling rate ca.250Hz
  • modes: one shot, loop playback
  • manually changeable playback speed
  • non volatile (battery buffered, comes with a battery!)
  • additional mono and stereo input to chain more panmix modules or use it as a simple handy unity gain mixer
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