Eowave Tempete Magnetique


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The Tempête Magnétique is a fully analog complex filter/synthesizer module.
It was that was created as an evolution of the «Fluctuations magnétiques».

More than a mk2, we designed it to push you to play with one of the most interesting things in modular synthesis: to divert the primary usage of a module to create unexpected and new sounds (aka this is not only 4 filters)

Tempête Magnétique is deeply inspired by the classical filters design as well as West Coast synthesis complex oscillators.

At it’s core, has 4 multi-mode 12db filters that can be chosen to be routed in series or parallel, which can be used independently or combined and even cross-modulated, controlled by CV or with an integrated envelope follower (which can be used as a dynamic responsive envelope) and even pinged.

The Tempête Magnetique was designed to have several levels of use. The individual level with the use of separate filters, perfect for quadraphonic processing of different sources (A B C D).
The pair sections which allows for more complex stereo effects or to generate synthesis voices (X, Y) and finally, the global level with a cross-modulation of filters.

The independent outputs have been designed to be fed back into their input, turning them into oscillators (not really precise one, but you can make synth voice kind of V/Oct tuned with their very own sound, due to the fully analogical design, these oscillators may have strange behaviors sometimes, but this instability will bring you the warmth of analog gears).

The pairs sections, of course, can filter an incoming signal, but can be transformed to full synthesis voice, percussion engine (exited by the ping input and modulated with the envelope follower) and way more.

This filter allows for anything from gentle, subtle filtering to a storm where the undulations of your sound and their intensity create new types of textures.

  • Width: 22HP
  • Depth: 20mm
  • Four independents or linkable multi-modes 12 db filter

  • Envelope follower who can act as end decay envelope sensible to the velocity

  • Cross modulation engine who modulate both pair of filters

  • Ping input

  • Outputs with phase correction to be fed to inputs


  • Filtering ( obviously), can be used for quadraphonie or stereo filtering
  • Weird synth voice

  • Waveshaper

  • LFOs/oscillators generator
  • Crossover
  • External rhythm following
-auto filtering
  • Drum generator

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