Elektrofon Klang


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Elektrofon's Klang is a 14HP, 4-voice, polyphonic controller module. The Klang will harmonize multiple voices into chords or chord progressions. The integrated OLED clock face displays what key the input CV values will produce. You're easily able to calibrate the tuning of the input oscillator, allowing for easy adjustment and accuracy of your chord progressions. Active chords can be saved simply by adding and deleting with the aid of their own individual buttons (+ and -), allowing to save up 99 chords. Each CV input has its own function with how it treats its input value; the left most input takes a trigger or gate and will advance the chord progression, the middle takes a bipolar CV input and decides the direction and distance of each trigger, the right bipolar CV input will transpose the signal depending on the voltage given. Along the bottom of the module is 4 CV outputs, one for each note in the chord.

  • OLED display
  • 3U, 14HP
  • Quick, adjustable parameters for tuning
  • Accessible buttons for adding or removing chords on the fly
  • 4 CV outputs (1 for each note produced)

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