ALM Busy Circuits 52HP 6U Eurorack Powered Case Assembled

ALM Busy Circuits

Regular price CAD$498.00

*This is assembled case not DIY.

The ALM powered Eurorack case was originally designed for the System Coupe. Wider interest has seen it evolve into a range of different sized cases being made available by themselves.

A fixed solid bus board provides quality ample power and plentiful keyed power connectors. The shielded DC/DC power converter is low noise and includes overload and short circuit protection. Fixed, quality mounting rails are used over sometimes frustrating sliding nuts. The case has a great looking all anodised aluminium construction that is both strong and light.

The case proportions are designed to look great on a table or desk (not too deep, just enough) and also be easy to fit in a bag and transport.

The cases all feature anodised aluminium construction, an on/off switch, rubber feet, and high quality switched powered bus boards with numerous keyed headers and ample power capacity.

These are simple and compact Eurorack cases, perfect for small, focused systems, taking along on travels, or as a tabletop addition to a larger setup.

  • Provides up to 1 Amp power on each -12V & +12V rails.
  • Connections for up to 9 modules on busboard, with additional ‘flying bus board’ included that adds up to 12 connectors.
  • Includes 2 Amp power ‘brick’
  • Self assembled aluminium lightweight cases with integrated switched power busses.
  • Up to 1Amp per -/+ 12V rail per row with quoted 100mV ripple noise at max load. No 5V rail.
  • Overload & Short Circuit protection.
  • Support modules up to 42mm depth (approx 2 stacked pcbs). All ALM modules fit.
  • M3 threaded fixed mounting strips (no sliding nuts!).
  • Module mounting screws and Allen key included.
  • Includes 12v external DC/DC power 'brick' with center positive 2.1mm barrel and at least 2 or 4 Amp rating (depending on model).
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