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Dirty Laundry is a destructive harmonic generator.  The FOLD side can function as a standard Buchla-inspired wave folder but then extend into chaos when you engage the “pre-fold” PRESS section.  The Press section creates all kinds of initial harmonics that really give the Fold section something to sink its teeth into.  This results in a nice range of controlled harmonics from simple fold activity to anarchy.

The Press and Fold sections can function either as two parallel sections or as single serial unit.  There are crossfaders between the sections and at the end of chain to help with blending between these two distinct sections.  In development I mainly use it as a serial unit as I think it’s most fun that way.  But I found the need to control the mixes to get what I was after, so I added some extra patch points to make it parallel capable.

The module will work well with all waveforms (speech is fun) but I often stick with sine and triangle waves as I find them the most pleasing starting point. While most folders won’t work well with square waves, the RES/DRIVE circuit will cause some rippling and make the FOLD much more interesting.

  • Width: 14HP
  • Power: 77mA @+12v / 77mA @-12v
  • Manual

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