ADDAC System ADDAC713 Stereo Discrete Mixer [PRE-ORDER]

ADDAC System

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Inspired by the legendary CP3 mixer, ADDAC's new 703 is a wolf in sheep's clothing.

As a stereo version of the ADDAC703 discrete mixer, the new 703 was originally conceived as a percussion mixer with mono inputs and panning, allowing placement of various percussive voices in the stereo field while keeping one channel for low end sources — such as a like a kick drum or bass. However, during the development process, the module designers expanded on this initial idea, adding stereo inputs for the first three channels, while keeping the fourth channel in mono.

Functionally, the new 703 Stereo Discrete Mixer delivers both functionality and a healthy dose of sonic grit. All four Gain controls can be driven to extreme levels, and the first three channels also feature Pan controls. Meantime, the Feedback Gain control is used to overdrive the entire mix — as this control is turned clockwise, the resulting sound will be clipped harder and harder until it is off. As feedback increases, the audio bias reference also moves up — and at extreme levels it offsets the entire signal until it begins clipping, hence the resulting gate effect.

  • Width: 8HP
  • Depth: 4mm
  • Power: 80mA @+12V / 80mA @-12V

  • 3 Soft Clipping States: soft low pass, off, and hard low pass
  • Metering is provided by two LEDs which correlate to the output signal
  • First three channels also feature Pan controls
  • Feedback Gain control to overdrive the entire mix 
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