4ms Spherical Wavetable Navigator


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The Spherical Wavetable Navigator (SWN) is a six-channel synthesizer that makes it easy to create slowly morphing drones, polyphonic melodies, evolving sequences, and rich textures.

The SWN features six wavetable oscillators with independent pitch, level, and waveform controls. Six LFOs (Low Frequency Oscillators) can be used as modulation sources and/or envelopes, making it easy to add dynamic motion to your patch. Each channel is a full voice and can be “played” using the top row of buttons, the internal LFOs, or note-change detection on the 1V/oct jacks. The SWN ships with 12 three-dimensional (spherical) wavetables and an easy interface which allows you to record and edit custom wavetables from live audio. Open-source software for Mac, Windows, and Linux called SphereEdit can be freely downloaded and allows you to use your computer to create, edit, and convert .wav files into Spherical wavetables to transfer into the SWN with an audio cable.

  • Width: 26HP
  • Depth: 25mm
  • Power: 185mA @+12v / 30mA @-12v
  • Manual
  • Pitch controls
    All pitch features can be controlled globally or per-channel.
  • LFO/envelope controls
    All LFO features can be controlled globally or per-channel.
  • Amplitude controls
    • Sliders: each channel has a dedicated level (volume) slider
    • Mute button: each channel has a mute/unmute button
    • Key button: in Keyboard or Note mode, mute button will fire the channel's envelope to play a note
    • VCA input jacks: switch re-purposes 1V/oct jacks to control level of each channel with CV
    • LFO->VCA button: Internally uses each channel's LFO to control its level to create sequences and/or dynamic motion. (global or per-channel)
  • Wavetable controls
    All wavetable features can be controlled globally or per-channel.
  • Presets
    All settings (except level sliders and 1Voct/VCA switch) can be saved for later use.
    • Save Preset: Save the state of the SWN so you can come back to it later.
    • Load Preset: Select one of 108 user preset slots to load
    • Clear Preset: Delete a preset that you previously saved.
    • Undo Preset: Undo your last preset action (example: accidentally cleared the wrong preset, or saved over a preset). Can be used to A/B between a preset the current sound.
  • Sphere Recording
    Special mode to record your own Spherical Wavetables where some controls have a new purpose. See Cheat Sheet PDF 
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