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Bagài is an analog sample and hold, bit crusher, and down sampler, also capable of generating fluctuating random voltages, colored noise, and clock bursts. 

It consists of six highly intertwined sections:

  • A clock with straight and random outputs (yellow)
  • An analog noise generator with variable color (grey)
  • A bipolar fluctuating random voltage generator (white) with variable rate
  • A sample and hold the circuit (orange) with selectable time scale, slow for modulation, or fast for audio sampling up to 48 kHz.
  • An 8-bit quantized version of the orange S&H circuit with variable bit depth (red)
  • A clock burst section (green).

By default, it outputs bipolar random voltages and triggers. The voltages are fluctuating, stepped, and quantized with selectable bit depth. The clocks are straight,randomized, or "burst".

Once you start patching, you can use it as a S&H, audio downsampled, and bitcrusher, with a sample rate of 48 kHz.

All its major parameters are voltage controllable.

  • Width: 12HP

Sample and Hold with an 8-Bit Quantizer

Bagài features two stepped S&H circuits with open input (semi-normalled by default to an analog noise source).

The quantized one has a LSB selector that defines its bit depth, from 1 to 8 bits.

Random Triggers & Clock Bursts

Besides the well-known "main," "more than," and "less than" modes, Bagài also features a clock burst circuit that creates super fast and unpredictable streams of gates that you can combine with the main clock or to any other trigger you want.

Voltage-Controllable Bitcrusher

When used with audio signals, the 8-bit quantized S&H becomes a warm bitcrusher effect with voltage-controllable bit depth!

Dynamic Downsampler

Bagài's internal clock can switch to an audio rate mode going up to 48 kHz. Patching audio signals into the S&H input will transform Bagài into an analog audio downsampler.

Open Signal Path

Lots of semi-normalled connections allow you to use Bagài in infinite ways: cross-patching has never been this fun.

Start and Stop Controls

You can contro both the main clock and the clock bursts via external gates. The main clock also features a button to manually hold it.

Analog Noise

At Bagài's core is a thermal noise generator that feeds the S&H circuit, creating random voltage streams. The noise output features a knob that changes its color, emphasizing the high or low frequencies.

Fluctuating Random Voltages and Global Rate of Change

The feature we all loved on Sapèl, now bipolar and with extended range!

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