Steady State Fate Impulse Dynamics


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Impulse Dynamics offers a simple way to produce discrete, dynamic transients within your modular system. The effect of the dynamic transient, or impulse, is synonymous to controlling the velocity within a DAW or keyboard synthesizer. However, achieving this utility within the modular ecosystem has not been streamlined into a single module, until now.

Applications: Velocity control for LPGs, Drums, SLEWs, Envelopes, VCFs, VCAs. Pulse Width Modulation, Synchronizing CV and Audio and other Digital VCA duties.

This 6hp utility offers a few additional useful features including the ability to convert any positive transition into a positive trigger or gate with manual and voltage-controlled WIDTH, as well as a simultaneous decay envelope that tracks the WIDTH controls.

While dedicated PULSE and ENV outs provide the static Gate and Decay Envelope, an integrated digital VCA offers the ability to control the velocity dynamics of these signals individually via a dedicated Dynamics Output (DYN OUT). The Dynamics VCA is not limited to operating on the integrated PULSE or ENV. Any external signal may be velocity controlled via the EXT IN jack and toggling to the proper selection via the DYNAMICS switch.

A fourth handy sample-and-hold output labeled STEP, returns the instantaneous voltage sampled directly from the Dynamic VCA’s LEVEL control voltage input.

The digital VCA is triggered whenever the signal patched into TRIG or EXT IN (via normalization) exhibits a positive zero crossing, which then synchronously samples the CV patched into the LEVEL input. The voltage controlling the VCA is held for the duration until the next trigger or zero crossing is detected. Therefore, any signal’s velocity may be discreetly amplitude controlled using the Dynamics VCA.

  • Width: 6HP
  • Power: +38mA @ +12V / -15mA @ -12V
  • Convert any positive signal into a variable width GATE and DECAY ENV – 0.1ms to 15s.
  • Three WIDTH range modes
  • Digitized dynamics VCA for controlling velocity and syncing signals.
  • PULSE/DECAY Width control voltage input with attenuator.
  • Three-way Dynamics VCA input selection switch for internal/external signals
  • VCA Level control voltage input with attenuator.
  • VCA Level Sample-and-Hold outpu
  • Manual control over WIDTH and DYNAMICS via 30mm sliders.
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