KOMA Elektronik Field Kit FX

KOMA Elektronik

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Field Kit FX is the perfect companion for Koma Elektronik's Field Kit electroacoustic workstation. It contains a wealth of CV operated effects that correspond with many of the strengths of its counterpart. Block sections include a Looper, Frequency Shifter, Sample Rate Reducer, Digital Delay, Analog Spring Reverb, 4-channel VCA Mixer, 4-step Sequencer, and Envelope Generator. While this is certainly a trove of useful features, the icing on the cake is the 4-channel Cv Interface, which gives users the ability to route up to four CV signals throughout various components of the FX Kit, affording precise control over many crucial parameters.

  • Desktop Effects Box
  • Power supply included
  • Manual
  • Effects processing powerhouse
  • Ideal for use with Koma Elektronik's Field Kit electroacoustic workstation
  • Comprised of seven "blocks"

4-channel VCA Mixer

  • Nexus for all signals
  • Fully functional mixer with per channel Volume and Tone controls
  • CV inputs on VCA
Spring Reverb
  • Classic spring reverb circuitry
  • Switchable resonant low-pass and bandpass filter
  • Rotary cutoff control
  • Variable gain input
  • CV control over cutoff frequency and feedback

Frequency Shifter

  • Classic frequency shifter
  • Amount and Sideband controls
  • Doubles as a Phaser with Rate and Phase Amount controls!

Digital Delay

  • Based on the PT2399 delay circuit
  • Time and Feedback rotary controls
  • Gain In rotary control
  • Sample up to 3 seconds
  • Limitless overdubs
  • SRR and Crush rotary controls

Sample Rate Reducer / Bit-Crusher

  • Classic audio smashing!
Roll-O-Decks CV Generator
  • Multipurpose CV generator
  • 4-Step Mini Sequencer
  • Envelope Generator
CV Interface
  • 4 colour-coded CV inputs with 11 possible destinations

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